Ama Deus

Ama Deus - Shamanic Healing
Ama Deus (meaning 'I love God') is a 6000 year old system used by the Guarani Indians living deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil. It was first brought to the West by Alberto Aguas, a third-generation Brazilian healer, who lived alongside and studied the practices of the Guarani shamans for many years.
The system combines God's love with a series of ancient multi-dimensional symbols, which act as vehicles for the energy transmission. Although similar in some ways to Reiki as it seeks to balance the energy within the body, the Ama Deus symbols are more specialized actions than those used in Reiki.

Ama Deus can be sent over long distances, and it can also be used in conjunction with other methods of healing. The practitioner is simply a channel for God's love, which is why Ama Deus is known as a heart-based energy system.

Ama Deus (pronounced “amma – day – uss”) is an ancient, energy-based system of natural healing. Through the charging of sacred (nameless) symbols with the power of Universal Love, healing energy currents are transmitted into the human energy field in order to effect healing by restoring equilibrium and balance.

Ama Deus involves an attunement empowerment process to activate the ability to utilise the energy and symbols; Reiki and other energy healing systems also use symbols that are considered sacred. However, the Ama Deus system includes many symbols with many applications – some of which are very specific – and in this way it differs greatly to other systems. In addition, there is only one attunement/initiation into the Ama Deus shamanic healing system – unlike other energy healing systems that tend to have 3 or more. Ama Deus is a simple, powerful and ancient system. It can be learnt in a few days – but takes a lifetime to master.

Ama Deus can be used in many different situations and for many reasons. Some of its applications are listed below:

  • Healing yourself
  • Healing others
  • Healing animals or plants
  • Helping those who are close to death (whether they ‘choose’ to continue living or not - healing can help person make the transition if it is the right time)
  • Helping departed souls make their transition to the spirit world
  • Purification of food and water
  • Dispelling negative energy
  • Cleansing/protecting your home
  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Healing
  • Helping babies make their transition into the physical world
  • Receiving/bestowing spiritual gifts
  • Gaining insight and wisdom through dreams
  • Recollection of past lives
  • Improving mental clarity
  • Supporting the world leaders in making decisions that could affect the entire earth
  • Healing the earth
  • Exorcism
  • Reconciling the spirit
  • Sealing the aura
  • Psychic protection/self-defence
  • Cleansing, empowering and programming crystals

Ama Deus is a shamanic energy healing technique that has been used for the past 6000 years by an ancient South American Indian tribe called the Guarani. The Guarani live deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil and are one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world today. The Guarani are the Indians featured in the popular and moving film, “The Mission”.

There are 23 Ama Deus Healing Symbols
Course fee -81.00 € Euro
You will recieve 2 distance attunements, english manual and e-mail sertificate.