Light Reiki

Founder - Alla Sharkia, Israel

Reiki energy called to work with heavy cases and illnesses up to
oncology, and alsow with many spiritual aspects. Symbols of this system
possess special force and power.I recieved this gift from Ascended
Master St. Germain in 26/08/03 and worked on it for almost 5 years.

Prerequisite - Usui or Kundalini Reiki Master

Light Reiki - Beginner

Include 3 attunements with 21 symbols. You learn to work with this high
frequence energy and the symbols. You alsow may pass this first level
of Light Reiki system to other peoples with Master symbol which you
recieve in 3-d attunement.
You will recieve alsow a PDF manual and e-mail certificate.

Total cost - 250 Euro

Light Reiki - Advanced

 For Light Reiki practicioners who practice this system for no less then
1 year there is option to get the LR Advanced level which includes 1
attunement with 10 high level symbols. Symbols of the LR Advanced much
more powerfully also work more effectively than the first 20 symbols,
but the majority of them is directed on spiritual aspect.
You will alsow recieve a PDF manual and e-mail certificate.

Total cost - 100 Euro

For both levels of Light Reiki systems - after you pass all attunements
your name will be included in International directory of Light Reiki
Master Teachers.