Unda Reiki
Unda Reiki

Founder - Alla Sharkia, Israel

Unda in latin means "wave". And similary to wave Unda Reiki energy smoothly and softly finds all problematic places of your body and soul on all its levels, and fills their salutary qualities.

There is 4 attunements in this system, and 6 new powerfull symbols. This is high frequence energy. One of attunements gives you more options for work with the energy:

* A spiritual enlightenment
* Past lifes
* Karmic connections
* DNA correction

Prerequisite - Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3

You will recieve 4 distance attunements, PDF manual, e-mail certificate and your name will be included in international directory of Unda Reiki Master Teachers on this website.

Total cost - 150 Euro