Ethereal Herbs
Ethereal Herbs

The Ethereal Herbs attunement will connect you with many healing herbs and
their metaphysical qualities. It will also teach you how to make your own
Ethereal Herbs oils by combining your favorite oils with some aromatherapy

The manual contains:
  • History about Herbs
  • Information about the Chakras

Jay Burrell is the founder of this particular modality, not to be confused with the
Etheric Herbs attunement that was channelled by R. Anthony. They both work
well together though. I use them when making my candles and infusing them
with the wax.

The manual also contains an Ethereal Herbs Meditation and the attunement
process and how to self attune yourself to other herbs. It is a well written manual
that is very helpful in learning and the practical use of herbs.

Below is a list of the Herbs that you will be attuned to:
•  Acacia: Psychic Development, Protection Against Psychic Attack,
Uncrossing, Protection Against Hexes.
•  Agrimony: Uncrossing, Protection, Rest, Invisibility, Banishing, Binding,
Hexing, Disbursing Negative Energy, Reversals, and Returning
Negative Energy to Its Source.
•  All-Heal: Healing, Health, Vitality
•  Aloe: Healing, Protection against Harmful Spirits, Luck, Water
Elemental Invocation.
•  Amber: Mental Magic, Balance, Protection, Protection against Harmful
Spirits, Protection Against Hexes, Protection Against Psychic Attack.
•  Angelica: Exorcism, Hex Breaking, Divination, Prophecy, Disburses
Negative Energy, Protection, Healing.
•  Basil: Circle Casting, Flying, Exorcism, Protection, Warding Off
Harmful Spirits, Love, Wealth.
•  Bay: Protection, Purification, Vitality, Psychic Development, Healing
•  Bayberry: Business Success, Wealth.
•  Benzoin: Purification, Circle Casting, Wealth, Protection.
•  Catnip: Familiar Magic, Spirit Familiar Invocation, Beauty, Love, Joy.
•  Chamomile: Rest, Prosperity, Purification, Water Elemental
Invocation, Romance.
•  Cinnamon: Lust, Success, Strength, Spirituality, Healing, Divination,
Protection, Love.
•  Clove: Prosperity, Romance, Protection, Exorcism.
•  Dandelion: Spirit Magic, Wish Magic, Prophetic Dreams, Divination,
•  Echinacea: Healing, Protection Strengthens Spells, Defensive Magic.
•  Eucalyptus: Protection, Healing, Water Elemental Invocation.
•  Fern: Weather Magick, Exorcism, Air Elemental Invocation, Good
Fortune, Immortality, Protection, Wealth, Healing.
•  Frankincense: Protection, Spirituality, Exorcism, Purification.
•  Garlic: Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Protection from Theft, Fertility.
•  Ginger: Romance, Love, Prosperity, Control, Success, Mental Magic.
•  Ivy: Health, Healing, Protection.
•  Marjoram: Protection, Love, Joy, Healing, Prosperity.
•  Mistletoe: The Hunt, Lust, Healing, Love, Romance, Protection,
Exorcism, Fertility, Air Elemental Invocation.
•  Mugwort: Astral Projection, Potency, Mental Magic, Earth Elemental
Invocation, Dream Magic, Protection, Healing.
•  Mullein: Courage, Healing, Protection, Love, Romance, Divination,
•  Musk: Lust, Control, Persuasion, Prosperity, Confidence, Courage.
•  Myrrh: Protection, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Spirituality.
•  Nutmeg: Clarity of Vision, Friendship, Confidence, Divination,
•  Parsley: Purification, Romance, Protection.
•  Patchouli: Lust, Protection, Reversals, Hex Breaking, Returning
Negative Energy To Its Source, Returns Harmful Magick, Wealth,
Money, Fertility, Riches, Earth Elemental Invocation.
•  Rose: Love, Healing, Mental Magick, Divination, Wish Magick,
•  Rosemary: Protection, Exorcism, Love, Friendship, Lust, Mental
Magick, Purification, Rest, Beauty.
•  Sage: Protection, Wisdom, Youth, Longevity, Wish Magick.
•  Sandalwood: Purification, Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Spirituality,
•  Tobacco: Purification, Exorcism, Healing.
•  Valerian: Love, Purification, Rest, Protection.
•  Ylang Ylang: Lust, Fertility, Power, Social Power.

You will recieve 1 distance attunement, PDF format manual and e-mail certificate.

Total cost - 54 € Euro