Bio Galaxy Reiki ™
Bio Galaxy Reiki ™

Bio Energy is energy of life which there are in all being, universe and object. Energy Bio also give form and breath live for all. Bio Galaxy is energi which there are universe, formed solar system formation millions of past year and earth one of part the solar system. Bio Galaxy represent life energi which there are in and galaxy of our place earth remain.

Energi which in form of smooth down like rain, very strong and react quickly. When us access Bio Galaxy energi, felt energi as rain which go down and like twister, color is green and blue chromatic. Energi Bio Galaxy very smooth, and felt cold so that when entering our body system hence can react swiftly clean the chakras, especial band and nadi from all dirt. If used for medication hence felt once its reaction because smooth item can diffuse far into patient body system.

Differ from others type of reiki, Bio Galaxy have symbols which there no in other reiki system so this is why Bio Galaxy is very unique Some symbol connective among practitioner with other dimension, even existing symbol still can continue to expand in line with journey of practitioner. Bio Galaxy Reiki have 2 level. Level 1 or practisioner and level 2 or master.

Level 1 :

  • Practicer body will be free from all block and negative energy in chakras, nadi like Sushumna, Ida and pinggala
  • Hand Minor Chakra and Anahata will be clean, enlarged, and activated
  • Later Practitioner hormonized with Bio Galaxy energy
  • In this level, practitioner can use Pow, Thun, Twis, and Linx symbols

Level 2 - Master :

  • Hand Chakra and Anahata will be enlarged to be able channel to bigger energy of Bio Galaxy than previous level
  • Harmonized with Earth Bio Energy done by opening foot minor chakra
  • Ajna chakra, pineal and pluitary is activated
  • At this phase practitioner energy have 500 stronger than previous level
  • Symbol the given is Teport, Bioxy, Visi, and Cosmic.
  • At level 2 or master, practitioner given authority to give attunement Bio Galaxy Reiki to others
Useful of Bio Galaxy Reiki:
  • Very effective for cleaning of chakra, nadis, and aura
  • Bringing our awareness to highest level
  • Most deeply meditation
  • Penetrating time and space for past life healing
  • Can enter to other dimension
  • Very quickly heal all disease of physical and bounce
  • Change and open your mind to unlimited universe
  • Received more hightly frequency energy from space, planet, and star
  • And more...
Prerequisites : Minimum Reiki Level 2
You will received:
2 Bio Galaxy Reiki ™ attunements
Manual Book of Bio Galaxy Reiki ™
Master of Bio Galaxy Reiki ™ Certificate
Total cost - 81 € Euro