Reiki Vajra Aruna™
Reiki Vajra Aruna

Reiki Vajra Aruna™ is one of the new tradition in reiki accessed universal energy from Vajra and Aruna. Reiki Vajra Aruna™ is an esoteric energy from Tibetan tradition. Combination between Vajra and Aruna forms a new powerful energy in reiki for healing any physically and non-physically illness. Vajra means unlimited knowledge. Vajra is a universal energy for enlighten so that the use of this energy will give a spiritual knowledge for the practitioner. Aruna means star and a form of universal healing energy.

Reiki Vajra Aruna ™ is a universal reiki energy which enlightens practitioners and gives the highest knowledge as well healing for themselves and others. Using Reiki Vajra Aruna™ is so easy that doesn't take much knowledge both in practitioner and master level. It is made that easy that everyone can rely on it. Reiki Vajra Aruna™ is found and developed by Sastra Vardhana through long meditation in universe consciousness. Applying reiki system combining universal energy Vajra and Aruna results a very powerful energy. Reiki Vajra Aruna™ consists of 4 levels and has 2 main symbols and 6 supported symbol, but symbols from other traditions can be used in Reiki Vajra Aruna™

Level 1 or Vajra

  • Here student will be cleaned all or dirt of negatifitas which there are in chakra and nadi,
  • All especial chakra (start from Mooladhara until Sahasrara) nadis, ida, pinggala, and sushumna, also palm chakra will be opened and activated.
  • Later practitioner harmonized with Reiki Vajra Aruna™ energi.
  • Prepared eterik body for the awakening of kundalini at next level.
  • At this phase, practitioner have given healing to others and also ownself.

Level 2 (Aruna)

  • Heart chakra (Anahata) enlarged as well as all other chakra
  • Harmonization to Reiki Vajra Aruna™ energi enlarged by 108 times.
  • Awakening fire of kundalini with minimum position in solar plexus chakra, and kundalini energi penetrate sahasrara chakra.
  • At this level 2, student obtain use energi symbol of Chakra, Manas and Kala.

Level 3 (Vajra Aruna)

  • All 72,000 nadi opened and activated, and so all 358 minor chakra.
  • In this level energi of practitioner 1,000 bigger times compared to previous level
  • And practitioner get symbol of Niyati, Divya and of Prana.
  • Fire of Kundalini practitioner reach Chakra Anahata.

Level 4 (Vajra Aruna Master)

  • Practitioner Energi improved to 10,000 bigger times so that for healing to become more effective
  • Ajna chakra or third eye, and pineal of pituitary opened and activated.
  • Fire of Kundalini practitioner have reached sahasrara chakra.
  • At this Master level, practitioner have earned to give attunement to others as well as obtaining master symbol of Daikomio and Vajra Aruna.
  • Energi which growing larger, making practitioner more able to handle big cases like house cleaning of negative things and healing having the character of the non physical like: philtra, black magic and others.
Prerequiste: none
Lineage : Sastra Vardhana (Founder) - Alla Sharkia - your name
You will received:
4 time Reiki Vajra Aruna™ attunement
Manual Book of Reiki Vajra Aruna™
Master of Reiki Vajra Aruna™ Certificate
Total price - 81 € Euro