Indian Reiki
Indian Reiki
Indian Reiki is a holistic healing which uses universal energy. It has been processd by Kuthumi before Mikao Usui was given the Reiki energy. It’s not popular because its development was limited only was limited during Kuthumi’s life. It was given first time to Gatot Handoko from Indonesia while he was channeling to Kuthumi. Indian Reiki can be said to be the  mother of Reiki or ancient Reiki. It is a combination between Reiki energy and 5 symbols which can be used. It is specially designed to more powered heart chakra, no special attunement, and is a simple method in healing. 

Some function of Indian Reiki are for :

- medical healing
- emotional cleansing
- non medical healing
- harmonic process heart to universe
- harmonic process body to universe
Course fee - 54.00 € Euro. Includes manual and e-mail ceritficate.