Merilyn B. Australia

"Dear Alla, When doing this attunement today, I saw you as a young Priestess in the days of the Pharoah in Egypt. The Priestesses were a special group that carried out the ceremonies of Ra - according to The Watchers.
I don't always "see" who people were but it was very clear with you. Love Joy and Peace.М."

Valentina S. Moldova

"Results of use of Light Dream technics rather and rather positive. Thanks Saint Gernmain and to you for this unusual, but fine gift. Thanks. Valentine." 
Elena K. Russia
"After only two attunements i had a contact with Mater Kuthumi and Sanat Kumata. I thank you for wonderful gift, Kundalini Reiki, and i hope to continue to grow spiritualy with your help. With love. Elena."
Vitaly G. Ukraine
"I have a feeling that for last three days my life has begun a new coil. I wish God will give me such coils much more, and i wish God will give us more peoples as you are. With huge respect. Vitaly."
Vitaly S. Kazahstan
"To tell the truth earlier I doubted of effectiveness of distance attunements, but after i recieved my second attunement I have so appreciable changes that I have no doubt anymore.And i felt the energy from first time i tried to do a meditation you've sent to me with instructions. Love and Light. Vitaly."