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Kudalini Reiki 3


Being engaged during last two years search for answers to some questions, I was assured of an idea that all in our life is interconnected. And not only in our life, but also in the world most surrounding us. Answers which I searched have been received, and together with them the next opening - new energy channeled from Ascended Master Kuthumi. Energy which he has named the Astral Star.


«Astral Star - the energy removing blocking from a light body, lighting internal light and coming into internal contact with the astral world»

From dictation of Ascended Master Kuthumi. 20.07.2007

As is known, the human body consists other bodies, one of which is the astral body, or a spiritual environment as many name it. During a dream this body is separated from our physical body which are being a full relaxation, and travels on the astral world. We are able to see a dreams.

When our physical body is not weakened, on what that to the certain reasons, communication with an astral body even during a dream is considerably insignificant, and in this case the person does not see dreams, time of its dream passes without what or remembered details.

We are closely connected with all events which occur to us during day. At times these events influence our sincere condition much more than we realize it. At times the stresses which have been gone through during day, or even surplus of positive emotions, deduce our organism from balance, and it also can influence communication with an astral body.


Energy of the Astral Star is characterized by white light, light of clarification and transformation.

Light of peace and love. 
Open for itself the world of harmony and a relaxation by means of this energy.
Note - this is very powerfull energy system with high level vibration.


Total Price - 135.00 € Euro
Course includes 4 initiations, with interval of 48 hours between each one. 4-th initiation will be the Master Teacher Degree, and you will able to teach others. You recieve english manual in *doc format, full e-mail support before and after attunements, e-mail certificate and your name will be included in Astral Star certified teachers directory.