Light Dream ™
Light Dream ™ 1-2-3
Founder - Alla Sharkia, Israel, 2003

Preliminary condition - Kundalini Reiki Master

This new remarkable energy was transferred to me on channeling with Ascended Master S. Germain.
This energy was given to help people, suffering a sleeplessness, restless dream and nightmares. Now you can sleep quiet - "Light dream" will help you.

There has to be a 5-day integrating period between Light
Dream 1 and 2, and the same between 2 and 3.

Duration of everyone attunemet approximately 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Note - if you already have Usui Reiki Rioho you do not have necessity for attunements of Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3.

How do I use the Energy?

The energy is very simple to use. You may intend to start the flow and it will begin.You can hold your hands together and think :"Light Dream".You also may use whatever method you have of evoking energy you have if you work with other modalities.
There are no set hand positions for working with this energy; let intuition be your guide. There is also no distance method or symbol you have to learn. To send at a distance all you need do is intend that the energy bathe your recipiant.

Totaly cost of this course - 54.00 € Euro

You will recieve the certificate and manual by e-mail. Your name will be listed in Light Dream certified teachers directory.