Golden Triangle
Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle Healing System was founded by James Purner and is indeed a very spiritual system that works more at a soul level than a physical level. This attunement is available to anyone; you do not need to have any experience of Reiki to receive this attunement. 

Once attuned you can activate the energies to heal yourself or others. It can be used alone or in combination with other Reiki systems and is ideal for distance work. When used in combination with other systems it will increase the healing ability by 100% because the Golden Triangle energies work at such a high frequency. 

Many people report that they have an increased amount of activity within their third eye so this system is highly recommended for those who wish to aid their spiritual connections. Telepathic skills are also greatly enhanced with regular use of The Golden Triangle system. 

This package includes: One Attunement to Master Level, e-mail manual and certificate. 
Course fee - 27.00 € Euro*
*FREE with ordering one or more courses