Violet Flame Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3 or Usui Reiki II.

History of Violet Flame Reiki (by Ive Moore)

"This past summer (2000) I found some new symbols. (40 all together). This system is called Violet Flame Reiki.

This is not a higher or better or new and improved Reiki. Violet Flame Reiki (VFR) is 'old' new symbols ... of this I am sure. How the VFR system was "found": I did a daily rosary of this mantra to Kuan Yin: Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pu'sa and Violet Flame Decrees. This mantra is to summon or invoke the presence of Kuan Yin within the devotee. It is also a healing to the heart. I saw the symbols and wrote as quickly as I could to get all the information down. This may sound simplistic ... but that is what happened. I was not looking for new symbols. I was trying to deepen my spirituality, attain enlightenment and improve myself by repeating this mantra in multiples of 108 per day and then "saw" the symbols. To be honest I was not very happy about it either. I am not a public speaker, a businesswoman, nor a salesperson and I was not comfortable with having to speak out about this system.

After a couple of months, I decided to stop feeling miserable about it and just share what I saw. If the Violet Flame Reiki System is meant to be, then it will be. If not, then it will not. At least I will know that I did my best to share the symbols."

Questions and Answers about Violet Flame Reiki
– Ivy Moore

1. Do you have explanation why the Violet Flame Reiki is a new Reiki energy?
A: Violet Flame Reiki is not new. When I saw the symbols and felt the energy, I immediately knew they were old. It is definitely not improved or better than any other system.

2. What is the difference between the different Reiki systems and the different Reiki systems and this one?
A: I know that there are many differing ideas about this. I feel that all the different systems of Reiki are individual facets on the same diamond. They are all wonderful gifts.

3. Why did Kuan Yin give you this information?
A: Violet Flame Reiki system of symbols was given to share. The emphasis for this system is on healing with a pure heart. Violet Flame Reiki re-introduces ourselves to the goodness of our own personal power by connecting us with the loving energy of Kuan Yin and St. Germaine. Violet Flame Reiki and the mantra clears away ego and leaves behind purity of heart.

4. When did she give it to you?
A: This past summer (2000).

5. What Reiki Traditions are you a Master/Teacher in?
A: I AM a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui Tradition and the Violet Flame Tradition

6, Do you use the Violet Flame Reiki symbols separately and occasionally or you just call in Kuan Yin’s Reiki energy and you do not bother about the symbols?
A: Good question! I sometimes use specific symbols. I may be starting a session and then 'see' a symbol and I will use it. I also see them inverted occasionally. I do find that if I repeat the mantra NAMO KUAN SHIH YIN PU'SA while doing Reiki the energy is really, really multiplied.

7. How many levels are there in the Violet Flame Reiki system is there, and why? What is the differentiation?
A: There are four Levels with 10 symbols each. I split it up into four levels because of the number of symbols. I know that when I "saw" them, I saw 22 at first and then the remaining 18 about a week later. While I was seeing the symbols, the energy that went through me had me pacing for hours. My heart was pounding and I could not hold still. I could not sleep until I had written all of the symbols down. I was concerned that this much energy would be overwhelming to the recipients. Hence I split them up. There is no real differentiation, other than spacing the energy.

8. Do you do the initiations for all the levels, and within which period of time?
A: Do you mean, do I pass the attunements for all the levels? At this point, yes. As this system is just being introduced there are not very many teachers at this point. As for the period of time between attunements, I usually leave this up to the recipient. If they ask my opinion or feel like they should wait, then I encourage them to wait. I think there should be no doubts when proceeding to the next level.

9. Can I do initiation myself into this energy for others later?
A: If I understand the question, you are asking if you can pass attunements later? When you complete the four levels then you will receive the symbol used for passing attunements. If you have not completed your Master/Teacher level of one of the Reiki traditions, you will not be able to use the Violet Flame Reiki attunement symbol. You should receive hands on instruction to effectively pass attunements to others.

>10. When teaching Violet Flame Reiki I; may it be combined and taught with another Reiki Level l tradition at the same time?
A: Absolutely. You can give the Violet Flame Reiki attunements with any other system, unless another tradition forbids if for whatever reason.

Violet Flame Reiki Box Instructions – Ivy Moore

"Violet Flame Reiki Attunement boxes are what I use for long distance attunements. After I used the phrase "Reiki box" I heard it elsewhere on the web. I have no idea what their Reiki box it but, I can explain mine. :) A Violet Flame Reiki box is a wooden box with all of the Violet Flame Symbols inscribed on the outside and inside of the box. I then take different kinds of polished and unpolished rocks (semi precious) and adhere them over the symbols so that the symbols are kept hidden and sacred. I use jade, amethyst, hematite, aventurine, all kinds of jaspers, all kinds of agate, all kinds of quartz, citrine, peridot, moonstone, sunstone, howlite, carnelian, sea shells, turquoise etc to cover the symbols. I take the attunement process very seriously.

I do not feel comfortable relying on 'intent' alone for an attunement. I bathe first and put on clean clothes than sage the room. I light some white candles. I do a specific amount of mantras to Kuan yin. Then I inscribe the symbols on top of your information a set number of times and then seal your information and the symbols in the Violet Flame Reiki attunement box for seven days. – Ivy Moore

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