Karmic Reiki

Karmic Reiki

Karmic Reiki is an exciting new Reiki style created by Martyn Pentecost, which although based on Usui Reiki techniques, is used in a slightly different manner in order to deal with the various issues that arise from negative karmic events.

It is primarily an ‘auric’ Reiki and employs incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to vaporise karmic issues, cleanse the shadows of karmic vaporisation and finally connect the client with their guides for complete karmic healing.

There are 5 Karmic Reiki symbols: 2 are used as other Reiki symbols to help ease the effects of ‘anonymous’ karma, while the remaining 3 ‘sister’ symbols provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about remarkable results, including revealing in great detail events from people’s past lives.

This is the Reiki version of regression therapy!

Karmic Reiki Practitioner

  • Introduction The Aura: East vs. West The concept of Karma Auric or Karmic Treatments The Auric/Karmic sister symbols
  • Examples of Auric issues

Karmic Reiki Master

  • Introduction Preparation
  • Attunement Processes

Prerequisites: Usui Reiki Level 2 and above.

Course Fee: 54.00 € Euro which includes 2 attunements,2 pdf manuals by e-mail and certificate.