Gold Reiki 1-6

Gold Reiki 1-2-3

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3

There isn't a lot of information about Gold Reiki.  However, it is considered to be very powerful Reiki of the Gold Ray.

Transmutes fear and darkness into light and joy! Gold Light is the strongest light of transformation in the physical universe!

The Gold Ray is a very purifying Ray. As a result, Gold Reiki is thought to produce such pure resonance of energy that is poured into an individual and raises the vibration to such a degree that it produces healing results in the physical body.

You can use Gold Reiki alone or as a combination with other healing methods.

There has to be a 5-day integrating period between each level of Gold Reiki.

Course Fee: 54.00 € Euro dollars which includes the manual in .pdf format  and certificate.
Gold Reiki Booster 1-2-3

Each of these attunements strengthens the previously received attunements: Gold Reiki 1-2-3.Gold Light is one of most powerfull lights of energies based on Reiki.You will also be able to pass on the Gold Reiki Booster 1-2-3 Attunements.

There has to be a 5-day integrating period between Gold Reiki Booster 1 and 2, and the same between 2 and 3.

Each attunement takes approx. 25 minutes.

Course Fee: 54.00 € Euro which includes the manuals in .pdf format  and certificate.
Special offer - Gold Reiki 1-6 for 81.00 € Euro