Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki is an evolvement of Dolphin Reiki, Which was originally founded by Mark Scott. This system takes what we learned from Dolphin Reiki and advances it to encompass Dolphin Healing Reiki, Orca Empowerment Reiki and Dolphin Crystal Reiki. This system came into being from Shanti Johnson (founder of Dolphin Crystal Reiki, Dolphin Healing Reiki) and Rev. Sheryl (Rain) Carter (founder of Orca Empowerment Reiki) through many meditations and close work with the Dolphin/Orca Realm. This will be discussed further as the manual progresses. It is with much gratitude and thanks to Mark Scott and the Dolphin/Orcas that we are able to bring forth this exciting new system of Reiki.

Experience the love and wisdom of the dolphins and orcas with Dolphin Trilogy Reiki. This system uses the love and energy of dolphins and whales to heal the mind and the spirit. It is particularly effective at helping with emotional problems such as addictions, depression, and feelings of being separate; or incomplete. This energy can soothe the sadness of the soul, by helping us release past trauma, forgive ourselves and others, and finding our own truths.

DOLPHIN HEALING REIKI: This is the first level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.

ORCA EMPOWERMENT REIKI: This is the second level of Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.

DOLPHIN CRYSTAL REIKI: This is the third and final level of the Dolphin Trilogy Reiki.

Course Fee: $54.00 € Euro dollars which includes the manuals in .pdf format and certificate.